The Nature of Me – a collection of story poems for children, by Jaany

As a youngster growing up in urban London, poet Jaany felt that her spirit was truly alive during those moments when she could connect with the natural world. Her fascination instilled a deep, lifelong respect for Mother Earth. She began to draw strength from nature and innately comprehended that a positive, conscious connection to its elemental forces could bring humanity in touch with its profound healing and regenerative powers.

Jaany’s instinctive affinity with the Earth, combined with her passion for advocating holistic practices for the optimum wellbeing of children, has inspired “The Nature of Me” – an original collection of eight uplifting story poems, which are designed to inspire and affirm young children as they begin their life journey.

Viewing the natural world with wonder and respect is a core value running through ‘The Nature of Me”, Jaany says: “When children connect positively with nature, a fundamental transformation occurs within and, and as a result, a more caring adult is created. As part of a progressive genre of children’s books, these soul-nourishing verses deliver a powerful message of self-worth, potential and purpose. These values are essential tools in building healthy self-esteem in children.”

Jaany’s reassuring poetry provides comfort and support to young children of around 3 to 8 years old in a musical audio ebook experience of approximately 20 minutes in length. Vivid sound effects, mind-enriching musical accompaniment and expressive, heartfelt narration all combine to create a fully-immersive experience to enchant and nurture young souls. Reading skills are encouraged as young listeners follow the narration, while enjoying the accompanying, full-colour ebook, displaying the lushly vibrant art of Monika Suska.

Today, so many young souls, particularly those who are ‘sheltering in place’, feel distanced from sufficient connection to nature, and are instinctively longing to bridge that gap. “The Nature of Me” will gently guide each child’s imagination through a spirit-enriching journey as they visit an ‘Ancient Tree’, and acknowledge ‘My Heart Is a Flower’. They will learn that ‘The Earth Is My Friend’, gaze up with wonder at ‘Moon Smile’ and are ultimately led to a place of supreme calm; ‘In My Garden’, where they feel secure, relaxed and are poised to drift off to sleep.

“The Nature of Me” is a rare gem, rightly regarded as a vital touchstone contributing towards healthy mind-body-spirit development in young children. Feedback from adults who have heard the story poems frequently includes the words: “I wish I had been given the chance to hear these lovely poems when I was a child” or “I got quite emotional listening to Jaany’s wonderful words, while absorbing the full meaning of the poems.” So don’t be surprised if you, as well as your 5 year-old, both become firm fans and become our newest Nature Kids!

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Author: Jaany

Narration & Music: Melissa & Danny Vaughn

Illustrations: Monika Suska

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