The TOTUM-63 supplement and high-intensity interval training combination limits weight gain, improves glycemic control.


Nutrients. 2021 May 7 ;13(5). Epub 2021 May 7. PMID: 34066988

Abstract Title: 

The TOTUM-63 Supplement and High-Intensity Interval Training Combination Limits Weight Gain, Improves Glycemic Control, and Influences the Composition of Gut Mucosa-Associated Bacteria in Rats on a High Fat Diet.


Obesity and prediabetes are the two strongest risk factors of type 2 diabetes. It has been reported that TOTUM-63, a polyphenol-rich plant extract, has beneficial effects on body weight (BW) and insulin resistance in mice fed a high fat diet (HFD). The study aim was to determine whether high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and/or TOTUM-63 supplementation improved body composition and glycemic control and gut microbiota composition in a Western diet-induced obesity rat model. Wistar rats received a standard diet (CTRL; control;= 12) or HFD (HFD;= 48) for 16 weeks. Then, HFD rats were divided in four groups: HFD, HFD + TOTUM-63 (T63), HFD + HIIT (HIIT), and HFD + HIIT +T63 (HIIT + T63). Training was performed 4 days/week for 12 weeks. TOTUM-63 was included in diet composition (2%). The HIIT + T63 combination significantly limited BW gain, without any energy intake modulation, and improved glycemic control. BW variation was correlated with increasedα-diversity of the colon mucosa microbiota in the HIIT + T63 group. Moreover, the relative abundance ofandwas higher in the HIIT + T63 group. Altogether, these results suggest that the HIIT and TOTUM-63 combination could be proposed for the management of obesity and prediabetes.

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