This Lash-Lengthening Serum Is Like Eyelash Extensions in a Bottle—And It’s 30% Off for Black Friday

Of all the beauty treatments the pandemic has left us yearning for, lash extensions are at the top of the list. Mascara is great and all, but there’s something to be said about waking up every morning with XL lashes that didn’t need coats and coats of inky formula. Though it still may be a while until we’re back in the hands of our favorite lash pros, Revitalash Advanced Conditioner ($150) is the best way to fake the same, fluttery results without booking an appointment at the salon. And the best part? Thanks to Dermstore’s epic Black Friday sale, you can score it for 30 percent cheaper than usual.

According to lash pros, the key to longer, stronger lashes is by using a conditioner. “Just like you condition your hair, you need to condition your lashes. Over-the-counter lash conditioners are a great option and typically contain ingredients that strengthen and moisturize them,” Clementina Richardson, celebrity lash expert and founder of Envious Lashes, previously told Well+Good. “Lash serums are treatments typically enriched with conditioning peptides and fatty acids that stimulate and promote growth and stronger eyelashes.”

Shop now: Revitalash Advanced Conditioner,  $150

Photo: Revitalash

Shop now: Revitalash Advanced Conditioner,  $150

The Revitalash formula is packed with those health-promoting peptides, which moisturize your lashes to keep them soft and healthy-looking while also helping to prevent breakage. It’s one of the only ophthalmologist-reviewed eyelash growth lash serum options on the market and helps to defend the delicate hair around your eyes. While it doesn’t necessarily make your lashes grow, it does promote an environment for growth, meaning it betters your odds.

With Dermstore’s 30 percent off Black Friday offer, you can stock up on a one-month, three-month, or six-month supply of the eyelash growth serum for a serious discount. According to an independent study conducted by the brand, 98 percent of users saw an “improved lash appearance, healthier-looking lashes, and stronger lashes,” after six weeks. To use the product properly, simply brush it along the base of your eyelashes after removing your makeup and cleansing your face. Over time, you’ll start to notice a serious difference in your “just woke up lashes” that will help ease the pain until your next eyelash appointment. Or maybe—just maybe—inspire you to cancel it altogether.

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