Tushy’s 46% Off Sale Means There’s Never Been a Better Day To Buy a Bidet

The addition of bidet attachment for your toilet makes any throne feel a bit more regal. And during today’s Tushy sale, you can do that for less than $100.

“The analogy I always give is, imagine if you jumped in your shower, didn’t turn the water on and just used dry toilet paper,” says Miki Agrawal, founder of Tushy. “Why are we doing that to the dirtiest part of our bodies?”

Tushy considers itself the future of toileting. “With our Tushy bidet, with our Tushy ottoman, with our Tushy brush, with our Tushy tissues, we completely change the way you use toilet paper,” says Agrawal. The average American uses 57 sheets of toilet paper every day, but Tushy developed a product where you just pull one sheet at a time and to pat dry. The company even makes reusable towels for your bum.

During the annual Tushy sale on June 9, Tushy bidets and bundles are up to 46 percent off. There’s never been a better day to buy a bidet.

tushy sale

Tushy Classic 3.0 — $99 (originally $129)

Tushy classic is a great basic bidet attachment. It connects directly to your toilet’s water supply and is very easy to install without any plumbing experience. You can change the angle of the head to hit all of your bits and the strength of the stream to get your desired pressure. And if you buy two or more of the Tushy Classic and use the code SIXNINE at checkout, you’ll get each for $69. (If you only have one toilet, split the purchase with a friend!)

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Tushy Spa 3.0 — $119 (originally $149)

The Tushy Spa takes the magic of the classic and steps it up a notch with warm water. Note: The spa only works if your toilet is close to your sink, as you’ll need to attach to your sinks hot water supply to experience warm water.

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Eco Bundle — $149 (originally $178)

Snag the Tushy Classic and the Tushy stand with tissues at a price that’s even lower than the typical bundled price. In lieu of toilet paper, you can use these tissues to pat yourself dry. Once you get a hang of the bidet and figure out the most direct path to get clean, you shouldn’t end up soaking wet. This means a few pats with two Tushy tissues should be enough. They’re made from bamboo, so they’re not as soft as traditional tissues, but they’re not rough either. This set comes with eight tissue boxes.

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ASS-ential Bundle 3.0 — $149 (originally $188)

Introduce even more comfort to your bathroom by getting the Tushy Classic and the relaxed-height ottoman. This stool lifts your knees up above your hips creating a straight path for your poop to slide on out, lessening discomfort and strain.

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Tushy System — $249 (originally $306)

This kit includes the Classic 3.0, a stand, eight boxes of tissues, the relaxed version of the ottoman, the Tushy brush, and eight coconut husk scrubbing pads. Keep your toilet bowl clean with single-use, biodegradable coconut husk scrubbing pads. Use the stick to pick up on pad, scrub your toilet, and then throw it in the trash.

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