Upgrade Your Winter Skin Goals

Get ready to glow. This iconic gentle exfoliator is a water-based alternative to traditional physical exfoliants and contains 91% Activated Hydrogen Water. It’s so gentle that makes it great for all winter skin issues including sensitive skin.

Cure Aqua Gel Highlights:

Gently removes dead skin cells

· Leaves skin smoother, brighter, and more even-toned

· Helps reduce the appearance of pores and blackheads

· 90% activated hydrogen water formula

· Imbued with skin-nourishing aloe, gingko, and rosemary extracts

· No particles, acids, artificial fragrances, or coloring

        · Suitable for all skin types

        · For use on face and body

Skip the abrasive physical exfoliants and harsh acids, and start a weekly routine that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin with Cure Aqua Gel.

Cure Aqua Gel has been named Brand of the Year for four years running and earned the award for Best Selling Exfoliator, and Best Mask and Exfoliator.

vTo learn more visit www.cureaquagel.com

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