Wake up! What are your emotions really telling you?

Several years ago, I had a spiritual revelation four days into an intense silent retreat deep in the Spanish countryside. I was shown the difference between who I thought I was and who I really am. I was transported to the depths of my being, shown the reason for my own pain and witnessed the hidden pain of members of my family. This helped me to understand that there is a purpose to everything. That there is a meaning to life and everything that happens within it.

This was the spark that drove me to begin writing. I had always been told that I had a way of making complicated things sound easy. I knew that I wanted to write a book which brought together traditional psychology and modern awakening spirituality.

Having been a transpersonal therapist for more than twenty years, I have personally witnessed many people’s journeys of challenge, growth and self realisation. Working in a transpersonal way meant that I understood my client’s struggles, both from an academic psychological perspective and from a higher spiritual one. This helped me to realise that when we view life solely through the lens of our everyday ego – our unexamined, limiting mind – we suffer. But if we take a moment to step back, and view that same life from our higher self, we see that experience doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us.

Everything, I have come to understand, is intelligently designed to bring us back to our spiritual selves. To our creative essence. Yet we have to face challenges and struggles to transmute our pain, and bring light to the depths of our shadows, before we can discover and share our unique gifts with the world. It is this journey, which we all have to undertake, that often seems so daunting, confusing and overwhelming.

I wanted to write a book that would act as a companion guide on this journey. To write a book which reframed our difficult emotions, offered alternatives to our unhelpful coping mechanisms and shared insight into understanding why we need to face our pain in order to realise our highest potential.

I divided the book into two parts, with part one acting as my spiritually inspired philosophy, part two is a ‘quick reference’ section which dedicates a chapter to each common emotional state: from anger to anxiety and from vulnerability to guilt. In order to bring the material to life, I include case studies of clients who have passed through my doors over the years, quotes from inspiring thinkers and soul searching questioning, designed to engage the reader to pause and reflect as they navigate their self awareness pathway.

My aim was always to make the information accessible, relatable and easy to absorb. I was fortunate to get an inspiring endorsement from the author of the most widely used counselling model in the world, Professor Gerard Egan, who wrote the internationally acclaimed book ‘The Skilled Helper.’ His words are included in the foreword of the book. I’ll close with an excerpt from the back cover:

“In an age of increasing uncertainty and fear, we struggle to find a solid foundation for our lives. The author poses questions that many of us are scared to ask, guiding the reader to fresh learning and personal growth. His style is accessible; the ideas both profound and yet easily absorbed. Words of wisdom from an experienced professional - but more importantly from a fellow human being. This book will make you think. And feel. And change.” Jonathan Izard. Journalist, author and psychotherapist. 

If you would like to learn more please visit my website: www.chrisjpartridge.com or follow this link to find ‘Wake Up – What Are Your Emotions Really Telling You?’

words: Chris Partridge

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