What checks should be made before a road trip?

Whether it’s the thought of spending some quality time with family and friends, curating a signature soundtrack for the road, or even being able to shop for the all-important car snacks, the prospect of a road trip can be exciting. However, there are several essential car safety checks that should be carried out before you hit the road. 

Can road trips be beneficial for your health?

The short answer is yes. Not only can a road trip provide an escape from the stresses of daily life, but it can also: 

  • Expose you to fresh air and sunshine – and boost your vitamin D intake
  • Help you properly disconnect by reducing the time you spend on your phone
  • Promote a positive mindset by encouraging you to see the world differently

9 checks to make before a road trip

In the excitement of travel, some important safety checks might slip your mind. Don’t forget to tick off all nine of these car safety checks before you leave home.

  1. Book an MOT: The best way to know if your car is ready to hit the road is by booking an MOT. And since you can also book an MOT online these days, it’s never been easier to get a direct and comprehensive report on the state of your car.
  2. Check your oil and screen wash: Running out of oil and screen wash can be detrimental to your vehicle, especially if you’re driving long distances.
  3. Look at your tyres: It’s likely your road trip will have your car travelling over all terrains, so check the appearance, tread and pressure of your tyres beforehand. Check for any cracks and bulges too.
  4. Monitor your engine coolant: Also known as antifreeze, your engine coolant shields your engine from extremely cold temperatures and eliminates extra heat from the engine by boiling at a high degree. It’s easy to check this all-important coolant: the semi-transparency of the tank means you can see the level without opening it.
  5. Check your lights: If you ever find yourself driving in the dark on your road trip, you’ll be heavily reliant on your car’s lights. Use a reflective surface to check that all your lights are functioning correctly, including your headlights, rear lights, high beams, fog lights, indicators, reverse lights, and brake lights.
  6. Test your brakes. Brakes are one of your vehicle’s most important safety features, so make sure to test they’re working okay before you head on your trip.
  7. Fill up with fuel. You don’t want to be caught short of fuel on your road trip, so fill up your tank beforehand.
  8. Clean the inside of your car. Make sure your car is ready for a long journey ahead by cleaning the interior so no debris can get under your pedals. A car bin is also a great addition for your backseats.
  9. Other advisables. As well as these checks there are a few other things we advise you do before setting off on a long journey, including: packing snacks and water for your roadtrip, securing any loose items, refiguring the Satnav, putting your phone on do not disturb, and making sure everyone’s seatbelt is correctly fastened.

Excited for all the positives an upcoming road trip can bring you? Don’t forget to make these all-important safety checks before you pull out from your drive to give you peace of mind before you go.

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