What Does a Holistic Dentist Do?

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Are you looking for a new dentist? As new practices pop up, consumers are getting perplexed by the many available choices. A holistic dentist may be the answer to this problem, and a great introduction to the world of alternative medicine.

How Seeing a Holistic Dentist in Blaine Can Benefit You

Dental care is not something you want to play around with. Millions neglect their teeth and gums only to develop crippling health issues later in life. Traditional dentistry is an important part of your health, and holistic dentistry serves as the alternative. They are medical professionals that use diverse treatment options to help their patients. The idea of holistic dentistry can be traced all the way back to Weston A. Price, a world-renowned Canadian dentist. He was already making waves in the 1800’s to the early 1900’s, and modern dentistry has continued to benefit from his theories. But what does a holistic dentist do that makes them so special?

What Do They Do?

A holistic dentist first and foremost is a medical professional. They are licensed professionals that believe that dental health is connected to overall health. They have a degree and license and have a great understanding about the prevention of the most common dental issues. Since a lot of traditional treatments can be harsh on some patients, a holistic dentist is the preferred option for natural treatments. They are also a great resource for before and after dental care – this is a valuable part of the appointment that can change the health outlook of a patient.

Differences From a Traditional Dentist

Both types of dentists follow the same guidelines of the American Dental Association. They are held to the same standard, and fill the same professional role. The differences between the two starts with how they handle the dental care treatment. A holistic dentist favors biologic dentistry, or the use of non-toxic restorative materials. This combined with their patient education provides a full package of long-term care. A short-term fix for the mouth will only get you another visit to the dentist at a later date. And in some cases, the problem may be worse than before. With a holistic dentist, they are just as much of an educator as they are a treater.

Is It Expensive?

Holistic dentistry is no more expensive than traditional dentistry. In some cases, it can even be less expensive. If a patient follows the instructions of their dentist to the letter, then they are less likely to need a return trip to the office. Since a holistic dentist is concerned about overall health, this has a greater impact on stopping chronic health issues.

The cost of medical bills pile up when a lot of small nagging concerns are left untreated, and it eventually turns into a big concern. With holistic dentistry, good oral health is tied to good body health. With that understanding, a healthy person will find that holistic dentistry is worth the investment over nickel and diming quick fixes.

Finding The Right Professional

There is no perfect way to resolve dental issues. Everyone has an answer, but the actual solution is different for every patient. Find the professional you need, and get the perfect smile you deserve.


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