Why good mental health and knowing your purpose are inextricably linked

My own personal journey over the last 8 years, where I discovered and met my true self, has helped me choose the right path for me, and has also helped Millions of others find happiness through unconditionally accepting and loving their true magnificent selves.

I do this is by offering a year long, experiential Leadership Programme to help them identify and remove roles and behaviours that don’t serve them, replacing them with ones that do serve them, giving them the results, they want and desire.

I help people dare to dream their lives and jobs without restrictions and support them in finding their version of healthy success.

The roles we play

One of the unique characteristics of my transformational Leadership Programme is every week for each group in the programme we have a role playing session; through these we can play a role and through playing the role, our true behaviour appears. You see, most of the time we believe we behave in one way while we behave in a totally different way, and this is something we can not clearly see. Through assessing our behaviour in the roles played in the session and through seeing other behaviours from our team members we can see the truth about our behaviours. You see, our results in business and in life are all based on our behaviours and on our perception of reality. Whatever we believe is true for us. So, when we truly see the behaviour that doesn’t serve us in our life, we can consciously choose to change it which is the only way to change our results.

In the beginning we find it very hard though, we are afraid to change our behaviour and express our deep wants and desires because we don’t know how others in our environment will react. The group is a safe place where you are accepted exactly as you are. So, you dare to change your behaviour and say what you really want first in the group and then outside in your life and business. This is deep and transformational; clients feel happy and free maybe for the first time in their lives.

The kinds of people I work with are established business owners, older than 40 years of age who have run their businesses for a few years already. They are very good at their jobs, they have many degrees, they work long hours and although they earn a lot of money, they are never enough, and they seem to run like crazy to get them. They are unhappy, they want to be able to work less and earn more, they want to be able to build their dream houses and travel around the world while running their successful businesses. They have tried self-help books, listened to podcasts and all sorts of seminars/short programmes and they still cannot get out of this toxic cycle.

Everybodies free to feel good

The transformations are so deep and so many.

First, my clients dare to say what they really want. Not what others want them to do and expect from them, they learn to say proudly that they want to change careers and follow their passion, or they say with pride, and not with guilt that they want a lot of money, success, friends, and amazing family life.

They want it all and they say it without any hesitation which can be so powerful for them and their self-acceptance.

They speak their mind with freedom and courage without the fear that will make someone else have specific feelings towards them because they learn working in the Leadership Programme that you can never make someone else feel anything; each of us has specific feelings and reactions due to their biography and experiences in life; you can never make someone else feel anything so you shouldn’t worry about how to control their reactions and feelings; you should only aim to be your true self and speak from your heart.

They connect to their heart and take full ownership of each feeling; they learn how to identify it and allow it to be felt so they can grow as human beings.

They take actions every single day towards their dreams because now I have given them permission to dream and dream big without limitations and restrictions. They learn how to make fast decisions and take actions with determination and grit because they connect to their intuition and they are guided from within, their heart and being.

They earn a lot of money with ease; they have gotten rid of all the limited beliefs around money and selling and they can earn a lot of money leading a life they truly love. Clients have turned their annual income monthly and daily within the first three months of my Leadership Programme.

They experience healthy relationships. You see, what I have found and experienced, is when you connect with yourself and accept yourself, your wants and needs unconditionally – you can truly connect to others.

You speak your truth without hesitation, you accept your whole self, and you can help others be themselves as well. All my clients have experienced improved personal and business relationships.

In one sentence, this magnificent programme helps you go from feeling insecure, unhappy, and unfulfilled to feeling happy, at ease with you, content and powerful to take actions every single day to make all your dreams, your reality.

Good mental health and purpose are entwined

We live in a world where our mind leads.

In my Leadership Programme we learn to connect to our feelings and consciously choose the thoughts that serve us to follow our dreams. So, instead of living the world’s greatest storyteller, our own mind, to take us to places that don’t serve us, we guide our mind from our heart.

This has an incredible benefit towards our mental health.

We learn to be happy with ourselves, to stand ourselves, to love and nurture ourselves and to take steps every day focusing on us first.

We learn how to spend 2-3 hours every single day taking care of ourselves.  We learn how to choose the time we want to work and earn the money we want having it all. This in itself is revolutionary.

We learn how to identify the thoughts that block us and change these thoughts, so they serve the goals we have.

All this creates present human beings who are not afraid to express their feelings and instead deeply feel every single one of them so they can grow with their lives.

Can we have it all and be happy?

Yes, because this is against everything we have learned while growing up.

We have been trying to fulfil other people’s expectations all our lives and suddenly in my Leadership Programme I encourage all my clients to put themselves first, to follow their needs and say NO.

You can never support others if you are not full, only when you have an overflow you can give.

Only then you can be there for others. So, the first step is taking care of you. And before this you need to be able to identify all your wants and needs, something we haven’t learned to do since we were born.

Therefore, living the life of your dreams in your terms seems too good to be true.

Find out who you truly are

You are not here to save the world. You are here, on this planet, to find who you truly are, what you truly love, discover what you really want and make it happen.

You must fall in love with your dream, your purpose.

Nothing less. I could have done thousands of jobs; I was very good in everything I have done in my life and believe me there were many, I even got a PhD in another sector. .

When I discovered who I was deeply in my soul and dreamt of the way I could help others, nothing and no one could stop me. And believe me they were many. “You will never succeed. No one will buy your service. You will fail.” This is what I kept hearing.

What all these people didn’t know was that I had discovered myself and I had seen how getting rid of beliefs and roles had allowed me to truly identify and accept myself, truly love myself unconditionally.

I have never felt more alive, fulfilled and in tune with me than the last two years.

So, if I would like you to keep one thing from this interview is ASK FOR HELP. You cannot do this transformational change on your own. If you could, you would have done it until now.

You need help. I asked for help when I was 40yrs of age and now 8 years later I have never stopped asking. I am becoming a better version of myself every single day because I evolve every single day, I learn, I am open to making mistakes and I am the first to take care of myself and my needs.

You owe it to yourself.

Ask for help.

You were never supposed to know everything and do everything on your own.

Ask for help to transform your life right now.

Make yourself the priority.

If not now, when?

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Written By Transformational Leadership Coach, Lia Zorzou

Lia Zorzou, Transformational Leadership Coach
Lia Zorzou, Transformational Leadership Coach

ABOUT Lia Zorzou

With a BSc, MSc, PhD in system dynamics, a national 3yr scholarship, two tech start-up awards and more than 20yrs in communication and managing multi million dollar projects Lia had to face a struggle in her life to truly find herself, to find her goal and purpose in life! Now she offers the first experiential emotional intelligence online leadership programme in the world!

Lia helps visionary entrepreneurs and business owners find their true self, set the goals they need to follow their dreams and help them make all the steps needed to make them a reality. She helps you identify what you do that doesn’t serve you and helps you identify how you need to behave to get the results you want!

Her clients lead with confidence and self-awareness, make their annual income monthly, dare to dream and follow their passions, find happiness and the time they crave to spend with loved ones and do what they truly love! They all know, accept and love their true selves! Her programme is experiential, intensive and gets you results from the first week!

When she is not supporting her magnificent clients, Lia with her son and partner in life likes to travel, trek, run and enjoy bike rides by the Mediterranean Sea. A unique fact of her life is that in 2006 she spent 12 months visiting 17 countries mainly trekking in Asia and Latin America and she still has relationships that she nurtures from that trip. She adores honestly connecting with people, especially the ones who have totally different beliefs…she believes this is the only way to learn more about herself and grow every single day.

Lia is active on Facebook and LinkedIn and also leads a Free Facebook group called Intelligent Leaders: Entrepreneurs Who Build Thriving Businesses! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/IntelligentLeaders/).

Lia also writes monthly articles about emotional intelligence, self-image, goal setting, thinking and believing, behavioural change and many more on LinkedIn and other online entrepreneurial magazines.

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