Why Should You Get Yourself A Smoking Subscription Box?

Most businesses today have opted for the subscription economy. The presence of subscription services can also be felt in the weed industry. Several weed trading businesses now provide subscription boxes to their customers.

Being a cannabis addict, it’s tough to resist the temptation of smoking a cigarette or two. You might have heard about subscriptions for an OTT platform or a magazine. But smoking subscription boxes are a relatively new concept. Rather than purchasing individual cigarette boxes or weed, you can get yourself a smoking subscription box. This will save you from additional costs, and you can enjoy a wide range of products on a single platform.

This article covers why a subscription box may be the right choice for all your recreational needs. Whether you consume weed for recreational or medicinal purposes, subscribing to these cannabis boxes will fulfill all your needs.

What’s A Smoking Subscription Box?

A smoking subscription box contains various cannabis products delivered to you at specific periods. Here, you pay the aggregate fees of all the ordered products rather than paying for a single one. You can get a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or even half-yearly subscription to these packages. Usually, smokers opt for monthly payment options, but you can also choose from other alternatives. 

Why Do You Need To Subscribe To One Of These?

A person’s mental health is equally important as his physical health. People do so much to keep themselves physically fit and active but not much about their emotional well-being. With an increasing number of stressors banging on you daily, it becomes very challenging to keep oneself at peace and emotionally stable. 

Signing up for an online subscription box opens a magical door to getting high and relaxing your mind, body, and soul. Read on to know why you should sign up for these pandora’s boxes to fulfill your needs. 


These boxes offer flexible options for the subscription. You can pick the period of your choice – weekly, monthly, half-yearly, and more. One can cancel or sign up whenever one wants. You can even change your delivery period from weeks to months or vice-versa. 

Close-Mouthed Delivery

Smoking is quite a disputed subject, even in the US. If you live with your younger siblings, roommates, or people who have an opposite view about cannabis than you, you would not like these packages showing up at the door and stating their contents overtly. Therefore, these service providers ensure that your box is carefully packed and its contents cannot be seen from the outside. They also deliver very subtly to avoid unnecessary attention. 

Options To Customize

One can often get bored with the same old flavors and products. With these timely boxes, you can customize your pack with various products you wish to try. There are usually around eight to ten items in these cartons. You can add more and remove some at your convenience. Some service providers include hardware and accessories, like glass, in these subscriptions. These packages can be your all-in-one window to get your smoking needs covered.

Saves Money

Buying your smoking products individually can cost you a great deal of money. Signing up for these boxes saves you a lot of money as they are comparatively cheaper than the aggregate prices of individual products. Moreover, you also get to try new products every month and get them delivered to your doorstep. 


Once you subscribe to these cannabis packages, you can get your products on time without visiting your nearby recreational stores. You can get high anytime, as you always have all the products you love to vape. With such a wide range of products and the option to customize your boxes, subscription boxes can be your go-to recreational option.

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