With No Planets Retrograde for 2 Months, Now’s the Perfect Time To Focus on Fortune

In astrology, retrograde cycles don’t have the best reputation and are often presumed to be times of difficulty and tumult. While there is some truth to this, the specific effects a person feels are largely dependent on which planet is in retrograde at a given time. But what happens when no planets are retrograde? Because as of February 3 and lasting through April 29, when Pluto goes retrograde, that’s the case.

First, a reminder that retrograde cycles happen when a planet appears to be traveling backwards because it’s moving slower than its solar-system siblings. So, astrologically speaking, retrogrades are a time of reflection, specifically in relation to what aspect of life the planet in question rules over. Let’s take for example Mercury and Venus, which were both recently retrograde: Mercury rules over communication, so Mercury retrogrades (of which there are four this year) function as opportunities to reflect on how one might improve this in their life, whereas Venus retrogrades encourage folks to consider how they interact with the Venusian themes of love and beauty.

However, when there are no planets retrograde, which is now the case for more than two months (!!!), astrologers consider it a potent time to attract good fortune because you can work on self-growth instead of focusing on reflecting and reviewing. The cosmic energy that we will feel through April 29, when Pluto stations retrograde can benefit everyone, regardless of their zodiac sign, because “all the planets are moving forward,” which encourages all people to do the same, says astrologer Corina Crysler.

“Once all [the] planets go direct, that’s when—almost literally—the magic really does happen.” —Maria Sofia Marmanides, astrologer

“Once all [the] planets go direct, that’s when—almost literally—the magic really does happen,” says astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides. “Things are really going to go into hyperdrive in terms of forward momentum” because folks don’t have to worry about whether there’ll be a competing retrograde that might be stifling their plans, she adds.

Marmanides also says that the energy of no planets in retrograde will be exalted in 2022 because a number of planets will be in their home signs, which is where they function optimally. “We’ve got Jupiter in Pisces. We’ve got Saturn in Aquarius…We’re going to have Mercury in Gemini,” says Marmanides. “That’s a really great thing if you have any kind of plans associated with one of those.”

For instance, if you get the sense that you’re lacking structure and are making efforts to assess how to create more of it, having Saturn (the planet of structure, which also tells you the greatest challenge you might face) direct in Aquarius (the rebel, rule-breaker, and revolutionary of the zodiac) is highly supportive of your plans.

Using Jupiter (the planet of luck) as another example, it’s the perfect time for everyone to focus on fortune because not only is that what the planet’s literally associated with, its effects are also made more powerful because it’s stationed direct and in its home sign of dreamy Pisces.

All that being said, you might not want to jump headfirst into any new commitments immediately. While you may already feel the positive effects of Mercury having gone direct on February 3, Crysler says to be mindful of the planet’s shadow period until February 23. “During the shadow period, the planets recover the distance they went through during retrograde, and we can reflect and integrate what learnings came through,” she says, adding that this provides an opportunity to catch something you might’ve previously missed and incorporate that in your plans to move forward.

Once we’re completely in the clear of the shadow period, though, Crysler and Marmanides agree that everyone can expect to be propelled forward. “Now, we’re all going to feel that collective energy shift,” says Marmanides. “We might actually feel more physical energy. We might feel more motivated to actually go out and do things.”

So, go out—do things. The stars are on your side.

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