Your Moon Sign Will Tell You Which Gorgeous Bag You Need To Buy in This New Zodiac-Inspired Collection

Astrology aficionado or not, sun signs—they showcase your personality and who you’re romantically compatible with—are always the talk of the town. But just as equally important are moon signs. In addition to signifying how you show your deep emotional needs, moon signs can give you a glimpse into how you express emotion, what you need to feel safe, and speak to the under-the-surface qualities that make you…well, you. Tending to your moon signs can help you feel embodied and ready to take up more space, and Cuyana’s Double Moon Collection pays homage to our emotional side.

A little about Cuyana: It’s a woman-built and BIPOC-owned company that sells timeless, high-quality, and sustainable bags minus the luxury price tag. Cuyana teamed up with Laura Chung, astrologer, energy healer, and activist to break down the meaning of the moon. “We are driven by our emotions, which is the moon,” says Chung. In the collection, “I wanted to highlight more empowering qualities of each of the signs and showcase them in a way that debunks a lot of the stereotypical traits.” The collection features a Double Moon Saddle Bag ($348) and Double Moon Belt Bag ($298), both of which are constructed out of pebbled Italian leather. They’re stylish, functional, and oh-so-soft.

From sensational Taurus to fire Leos, dig deep into your emotional state with Cuyana’s Double Moon Collection and more from Cuyana.


cuyana double moon belt bag

Double Moon Belt Bag — $298.00

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is always on the go and is never afraid to launch into the next opportunity headfirst. To nourish this run-don’t-walk spirit, opt for the Double Moon Belt Bag. The dark red complements this sign’s fire energy while the hands-free design makes it easier for Aries to tackle on the day’s challenges. What’s cute, it’s also available as a Saddle Bag.

Colors: 3


cuyana classic zip around wallet

Small Classic Zip — $148.00

An earth sign, Taurus is always grounded and rooted in their beliefs and values. Taurus’ moon sign also leans heavily on textures and luxurious things. The earthy tone of this zip wallet is perfect for the sensualist bull and pairs well with Taurus’ slow and steady moon. The pebbled leather, gold hardware, and three card slots also are a nice touch for Taurus’ bougie side.

Colors: 7


cuyana flap cardholder

Flap Cardholder — $78.00

Ruled by Mercury, Geminis are social butterflies that enjoy friendly chatter. However, for days when Geminis are on the go, this flap cardholder comes in handy. Made of Italian leather by artisans in Turkey, this mini wallet holds cash, cards, and loose change for hands-free mingling.

Colors: 3



cuyana classic easy tote

Classic Easy Tote — $248.00

A cardinal water sign, Cancers are ruled by the moon and adorn comfort, whether it’s cozying up in their pajamas or eating comfort food. Represented as a crab, Cancers have a tough exterior and sensitive interior. The Classic Easy Tote in dark coral is representative of that. It’s got a durable exterior and is made of soft and supple leather that wears well over time. Plus, it’s nice that it holds all the belongings to make these crabs feel at home no matter where they go.

Colors: 8


cuyana mini bow bag

Mini Bow Bag — $278.00

Leos are the fire signs of the zodiac and love to stand out. This Mini Bag, which has a tie bow at the top and gold chain strap, will help start conversations and shine a light to Leo’s unique personality. Made and crafted out of the finest Italian leather, this bag is durable as it is stylish and will be in Leo’s rotation for parties to come. Did someone say partay?

Colors: 6


cuyana systems tote

System Tote — $298.00

Virgos are innately organized creatures. To help them deal with the chaos of what we call “life,” the System Tote is perfect. Featuring a snap-on design, this purse can be customized with laptop sleeves and pouches. What a way into Virgo’s detail-oriented heart.

Colors: 7


cuyana wide strap

Wide Strap — $78.00

Libra moons’ require balance, harmony, and love. Just like Taurus, these cardinal air signs also love luxury, and there’s no better way to feed Libra’s quest for ~fanciness~ than croc-embossed leather. This wide strap is made of Italian leather and can be attached to Cuyana’s timeless selection of bags, including the Mini System Tote. Yes, Libras mean business.

Colors: croc-embossed


cuyana leather passport case

Slim Leather Passport Case — $78.00

Ruled by Mars, Scorpio moons are passionate and deep. Above all, they have an adventurous spirit. To spur your sense of travel, go with this Slim Leather Case; it keeps your passport, cards, and other personal belongings safe.

Colors: 3


cuyana recycled weekender

Recycled Weekender — $348.00

Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter and knows have to have fun. They love to explore, travel, and find adventure, which is why Cuyana’s Recycled Weekender comes in handy. Featuring three spacious compartments, this Mary Poppins-style bag is perfect for a weekend getaway or domestic flights.

Colors: 2


cuyana half moon pouch

Half Moon Pouch — $58.00

Capricorns are earth signs ruled by Saturn, so they are extremely creative and know how to put in the work. Enter this half moon pouch, which takes a playful spin on traditional wallets. The leather offers structure while the fun shape allows Capricorns to get their creative juices flowing.

Colors: 4


cuyana zero waste notebook cover set

Zero Waste Notebook Cover

Aquarius are big innovators and like to push ideas forward. For this, this notebook cover and notebook will come in handy. The notebook offers a reflective space for new thoughts, questions, and words of encouragement.

Colors: 2


cuyana leather backpack

Leather Backpack — $478.00

Pisces moons like to channel good vibrations and energy. They also lean on their adventurous side, making this Leather Backpack fitting for day trips. The pebbled leather is designed to move, and the bag holds all of the essentials (think: phone, notebook, wallet, and more).

Colors: 3