Zen Magnesium Gummies

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Natural Stacks new gummies are designed for relaxation. These Zen Magnesium Gummies combine the classic relaxation mineral magnesium with Sensoril® ashwagandha and L-theanine to take the consumer to a true zen state. Daily stress is at an all time high, especially among younger consumers, and this product is adeptly formulated to address this top-of-mind need.

While most supplement gummies use artificial sweeteners and unhealthy sugar alternatives, Natural Stacks sticks with the real thing. Organic cane sugar and organic tapioca. This gives our gummies a superior taste and texture. Don’t worry, just 3g of sugar won’t hurt you! Enjoy Zen Gummies’ delicious green apple taste.

– No artificial flavors
– No artificial colors
– No artificial sweeteners

With MAG ZEN you are getting 200mg of elemental magnesium per serving, helping you restore your magnesium levels for a better stress response and a better mood! Visit www.naturalstacks.com to learn more.

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