3 of the Must-see Places in Laos

To get at least an idea of what Laos has to offer, We’re offering 3 must-see places in Laos that provide an overview of the beauty of the country. 

To fully appreciate Laos, you have to spend at least a week or two traveling the country. Visitors from neighboring countries often feel breaking up their visits into multiple legs and concentrating on different areas of the country is the best way to explore Laos. 

But to narrow down your visit to the types of attractions that will interest you the most, you have to have a place to start. By offering 3 of the must-see places in Laos to visit, we’re suggesting a big city, a smaller town and a national park to give you at least a hint of the attractions of Laos. By visiting these locations, you can get an idea of what you’d like to see more of on your future visits to this beautiful country. 


Every visit to Laos should begin with a visit to the capital city of the country. Not only does Vientiane offer a beautiful variety of French-colonial, traditional and modern architecture, but it offers many historical sites, temples and monuments as well. And if you’re visiting the city as a stepping-off point to tour the rest of the country, Vientiane offers the largest variety of transportation options, whether you’d like to fly, take a bus or boat, or hire a private car. 

This multi-cultural city along the Mekong River also offers some of the best Lao handicrafts and souvenirs to bring home. Visit the Vientiane Night Market down along the riverside and shop the night away. It also features a wide variety of restaurants featuring cuisines from all over the world. 

Luang Prabang

There’s a good reason why this village has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site. Luang Prabang embodies all the charm and beauty of Laos. This peaceful village in northern Laos is on a peninsula surrounded by the Mekong and Nam Khan Rivers. It perfectly illustrates the daily rural life of Laos among the French-colonial and traditional buildings and Banyan tree-lined streets. 

Stroll around the town or relax at any of the numerous cafes, restaurants and bars offering riverside views. The town is surrounded by stunning, green forested mountains that serve as a backdrop to the rural scenery.

Bokeo Nature Reserve

For a chance to see some of Asia’s most revered and rare wildlife in their natural habitat, a visit to Bokeo Nature Reserve is on our list of the 3 Must-see Places in Laos. The nature reserve merits at least a couple of days visit to give yourself the best chance of spotting the rare and elusive wildlife within the park. 

The park offers unique, comfortable and fun treehouse accommodations where you can stay to extend your visit without leaving the nature reserve. For the rare chance to see bears, buffalo, elephants, gibbons and tigers as they were meant to live, Bokeo Nature Reserve ranks on our 3 Must-see Places in Laos list.  

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