Great juice and smoothies are making breakfast special again

Juice may have tripped up over its own feet a few years ago, becoming an unwitting victim of a heavy-handed purge on natural sugars, the steady decline of breakfast as a meaningful meal and an increasingly competitive food & drink fixture, where an ever greater array of tasty health-conscious products offering that ‘just right’ blend of great taste and nutritional depth lay in wait.

Many years ago juices & smoothies were seen simply as a convenient on-the-go means of enjoying the nutritional wealth provided by all manner of trusted fruit and ‘salady’ inhabitants. However, juice got complacent, dare we say a little set-in-its ways and the world moved on!

It was back in 2011 when Ozzie foodpreneur Andrew Gibb brought leading HPP thinking to these shores having realised that back in Australis he only had access to a health-conscious 20m catchment, whilst Europe provided a far more enticing 230m opportunity.

Initially the signs were very promising when buyers and consumers began to appreciate the health benefits of a juice that kills any wanted micro-organisms with discreet hyperbaric pressure as opposed to traditional, heavy-handed heat pasteurisation that badly reduces a juice’s taste cues and good nutrition impact.

Unfortunately, the subsequent ‘sugar purge’ that followed was unduly heavy-handed but probably in retrospect long overdue, removing a lot of the needless me-toos and inferior juices that had for so long dominated so many supermarket chiller cabinets.

That said, today the manifold frustrations associated with Lockdown have reinvigorated interest in breakfast as more stuck-at-home commuters have more time to consider and study the make-up of their most important meal of the day in tandem with the growing popularity of foods and drinks that work harder than ever to support today’s increasingly hectic lifestyles.

Of course, a good juice should always provide a good quota of vitamin C but what if these one-stop rehydrating juices and smoothies could also provide a healthy dash of vitamins B, E and perhaps most importantly Vitamin D! Andrew got to work and created the UK’s first range of HPP juices & smoothies with essential added vitamins and the rest as they say is history!

Today the delicate nature of HPP that its now possible to have a single variety Pink Lady that tastes all too different from a Golden Delicious or a simple Valencian Orange that truly underpins the taste supremacy of this Rolls Royce of a Spanish fruit.

Coldpress is without question the tastiest, hardest workin range of nutritious juices and smoothies you could possibly hope to hook up with, so next time you crave a drink that goes the extra yard, think stylish hexagonal bottles, a wealth of enticing flavours and a tasty, nutritionally well-rounded alternative to all the usual suspects.

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