Day: November 20, 2023

New Nourish Yoga & Wellbeing Retreat in Grenada

The True Blue Bay Boutique Resort in Grenada is hosting a new Nourish Yoga & Wellbeing retreat, a transformative experience designed to recharge the spirit and rejuvenate the soul, from 30 November to 4 December. Local yoga therapist, Malaika Brookes-Smith-Lowe will guide participants on a journey of self-discovery, exploring various yoga practices and holistic activities to achieve…

Turkey Pot Pie

There are many, many ways to use up that leftover turkey. Think about soups, tetrazzini, pot pies (recipe below) and, of course, sandwiches. Anywhere you would use leftover or cooked chicken is fair game (pun slightly intended) for leftover turkey. Swap it into your favorite pasta dish or salad. Shred it and add to a lasagna instead of ground meat. Use it up in quesadillas, enchiladas or quiches….

10 Reasons Why So Many Athletes Are Embracing Triathlon

The allure of the triathlon, with its grueling trifecta of swimming, cycling, and running, resonates profoundly with the athletic-minded. This feat of endurance captivates countless individuals seeking to push their physical and mental boundaries. Triathlons are not just races; they are a testament to human resilience, a pursuit of peak performance, and a welcoming community…